Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation Service


Here at Choice Home Improvement, we offer Metro Detroit quality in all of our services and, our insulation is no exception. With our insulation, we always incorporate the best practices of the construction industry into our service offerings. Besides our quality service, we also offer the top quality name brands to ensure your satisfaction with your completed project. We offer a wide variety of insulation including, rolled in and blown in. We have over 29 years of delivering quality installations at prices that can’t be beat on all of our insulation work. Contact Us for a FREE estimate on rolled in or blown in attic insulation today.


Rolled-In Insulation


Fiberglass batt or blanket insulation is a great way to boost your energy efficiency in an easy and low cost way. Choice Home Improvement will take the necessary measurements to determine your attic’s existing R-Value and give you an estimate on the cost to add more insulation to increase your R-Value to where it should be. In Metro Detroit and all of Michigan, the R-value should fall somewhere between R-40 and R-60. The R-value is the insulations resistance to allowing heat to escape through so the higher the R-value the better. Contact Us for FREE estimate on rolled in, insulation today.


Blown-In Insulation


Whether it’s blown in fiberglass or cellulose, Choice Home Improvement can help Metro Detroit insulate even those tough to reach places in your home. Cellulose in particular has better thermal protection power with a higher R-value per square inch than typical fiberglass rolled insulation. The tight fitting blown in cellulose insulation also eliminates the need for a vapor barrier because of the restricted air flow. Contact Us for a FREE estimate on blown in, insulation today.