Here at Choice Home Improvement we offer quality in all of our services and, our gutters are no exception. With our gutters we always incorporate the best practices of the construction industry into our service offerings, Besides our quality service, we also offer the top quality name brands to ensure your satisfaction with your completed project. We offer a wide variety of gutters including, seamless gutters. We have over 29 years of delivering quality installations throughout Metro Detroit at prices that can’t be beat on all of our gutter work. Contact Us for a FREE estimate on seamless gutters or gutter guards today.


Seamless Gutter Installation

Choice Home Improvement exclusively installs Quality Aluminum brand seamless gutters and down spouts throughout Metro Detroit. Available in 5 inch or commercial size 6 inch gutters, with a large selection of colors to choose from. Gutters are a small, but very important aspect of proper home maintenance. Gutters allow rain water to be diverted away from the foundation of your home which eliminates more serious issues that may arise from water collecting at the base of your home such as basement leaks and damage to the surrounding landscape. Contact Us for a FREE estimate on seamless gutters today.


Gutter Guards

Choice Home Improvement recommends installing gutter protection for a low cost addition to your gutter system that eliminates the big problem with gutter design- clogged gutters! Here in Metro Detroit, leaves, pine needles, and other forms of debris can get stuck in your gutters and prevent them from serving their purpose. Rather than risking injury getting up on a ladder and the hassle of cleaning them out periodically- gutter guards can take care of that for you with one simple installation. Contact Us for a FREE estimate on gutter guards today.

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